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    Speak Up! - View Question #270

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    Question: Can an adult sue a minor? Can a minor sue a minor?

    Answer: Yes to both questions. Generally, a minor may sue or be sued by another minor or adult.

    However, minors cannot sue another person (or defend himself against another lawsuit) on their own. A minor needs help. A minor must sue or be sued through the help of a 'guardian ad litem.' (See Arizona Rule of Civil Procedure 17 (g-i)).

    A guardian ad litem is a special guardian appointed by the court to represent the minor. In many cases, the minor's parent can be the guardian to do this. The guardian's role is to make sure that the minor's interests are expressed during the lawsuit. Generally, the child is the actual party named in the lawsuit and not the guardian.

    So yes, with the help of a guardian ad litem, a minor can sue another minor or another adult.

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    On 05/13/09
    Maya from VA said:
    Well my "guardian" took a cell phone that belonged to me. He has no connection the the device. he never paid for any of it. he just took it so i want to sue him.
    On 04/22/09
    Jessic from GA said:
    Well im 13 and i knw i need my parents help and my elders at times. Although there is much i can do on my own and Im independent I still know there is alot that i have to be taught.
    On 02/21/08
    Dallas from IA said:

    I thought I knew everything when I was a younger, then I got older and realized just how little I actually knew. Those of you that think you know a lot, great. How far has it got you? Do you have a JD? Do you even know what is a JD?

    On 10/15/07
    Tim from Othr said:
    Grow up all of you. Sometimes it is good to rely on other people. Dont be so naive and think you know more than you elders! Arrogance is not a respectable quality!
    On 01/30/07
    Skyler from TX said:
    Many times, my parents don't respect my interests even though I am extremely self-sufficient. I don't believe that older adolescents such as myself need an adult's help...I find that I know far more law than either of my parents. I think that minors should be allowed to represent their own interests, and if a "stupid situation" should arise, it is the minor who is making an idiot of himself, and no true harm can befall the justice system, whereas if a minor were denied this independence to express himself, injustice could ensue as a result of censorship by either parent or the circumstances.
    1 thru 5 of 9 comments    [ 1 ]  2    

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