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    Speak Up! - View Question #343

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    Question: How do I get rid of a warrant without going to jail?

    Answer: A warrant is issued by a court to provide the legal authority for the sheriff or police to arrest someone. It doesn't necessarily mean you will go to jail. The warrant is issued because the court wants you to come in and deal with whatever matter is before the court that it has been unable to otherwise get you to come in and deal with. It could be for something as easy to take care of as parking tickets. A.R.S. §13-810 is one of many laws that allows the court to issue warrants and that law specifies that they can be issued for not paying fines, such as parking tickets. If you pay the fines, it is likely the warrant, if issued for that, would be cancelled. You should try to find out what court issued the warrant. If you don't know, you can call your local police and tell them you have a warrant you want to take care of and could they please tell you what court the warrant came from. Then contact the clerk of that court to arrange to come in and deal with whatever caused the warrant. If you do not arrange to take care of the warrant on your own, your question is correct in that you will be arrested and brought to jail until the jail can bring you to court. To avoid going to jail on the warrant, arrange to take care of whatever the warrant was issued for.

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    On 10/22/08
    Dave from Othr said:
    Hi . I have a Warrent and cant come to serve it or go to court .I live in another country ,How would I take care of this ?I am a German citizian and can not enter the USA .Witch I need to because of my job .Can someone tell me how I can handle this ?
    On 07/07/08
    Rodney from MD said:
    i have a first degree warrant what is the best thing to do if the charges are getting droped
    On 02/15/08
    dave from FL said:

    I have two warrants (one for theft in third degree and another for possesion of cocaine both of the were issued in 2005 my first and only cases that I have). I left the state because I did not have enough money to hire a good lawyer at that time, now I will like to resolve them because I saved some money for it. What will be the first step?

    On 10/02/07
    John from NY said:
    I was issued a ticket for riding on the curb for a few seconds and i got caught but instead they search me and found my pocket knife which was hidden away from public view but they wrote on the ticket that I had it in public view when i didn't and wrote me a summons wateva that means..Now i have a warrant which is my first i didn't know i had to go to court so i have a warrent and I don't want to get arrested what should I do
    On 07/06/07
    Ashly from CO said:
    Do not count on having any rights regarding a warrant. I missed a court date for a misdeminor offense. When I realized I had a warrant, I called the court to find out how to take care of it. I didn't have the $700 bond right then and two days later two car loads of sherrifs showed up in full gear to my house to arrest me. I spent the next 14 hours in a mold infested holding cell before being oficially booked into the jail. Only then was I able to call to have someone check on my son or be bonded out of jail. It was horrifiying! Learn something?, you bet I did!
    1 thru 5 of 14 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3    

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