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    Speak Up! - View Question #581

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    Question: How long can someone go to jail if they murder someone?

    Answer: That depends upon which crime a murder is classified.

    Reckless manslaughter (ARS §13-1103) is the killing of a human being or an unborn child without malice or premeditation (planning to do it); which is different than 'murder', which requires malicious intent. Examples of manslaughter would include someone who kills another person while driving drunk. In arizona, aiding someone while they commit suicide is also considered manslaughter.

    Murder in the second degree (see ARS §13-1104) in Arizona is when someone kills another person intentionally and the act is not planned or premeditated.

    Murder in the 1st degree (ARS §13-1105) in Arizona is a person kills another person deliberately and intentionally or recklessly with extreme disregard for human life; and the killing was premeditated or planned in advance. Also, if a person is killed during other specific crimes, a person can be tried for 1st degree murder (see ARS §13-1105 for more).

    The penalty for these crimes ranges from about 10 years for reckless manslaughter (ARS §13-1103) to life in prison or even the death penalty for people convicted of 1st degree murder (ARS §13-703).

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    On 07/31/10
    linus from TX said:
    i think if you take someones life you should go to jail for life. we as citizens do not have the authority to take some ones life. only the goverment does. unless you can prove it was self defense and you will have to live with that. i also think if a person that takes someones life is not sorry for committing the crime but only sorry because they got caught.
    On 02/20/10
    Yu from NY said:
    1:Murderer should not be excuted. 2:Murderer should be released if they feel truly guity.(Of course a set of time in jail and some test on the truth are require such as some neurology test.) 3:All life are equal, life shouldn't be destroyed because another had vanish. If not then we would have extincted long ago.
    On 06/15/09
    Jake from CA said:
    NY, Murder may be for revenge, punishment, or just for pleasure in some cases. I will never know why people commit murder either, but I guess some people could have there reasons too. It is unforgivable and wrong, even if the person was threatening them and the police couldn't do anything. Revenge for the murder of a loved one, or numerous loved ones, I think it is ok for attempted murder, or something around that. But the police should handle that person anyways. So yeah murder comes a lot of ways but I still don't get what would push someone that far.
    On 02/25/09
    Hasna from Othr said:
    How long can you get sentenced in prison if you commit murder?
    On 02/23/09
    from NY said:
    why would people kill other people in the first place. its just plain stupid.
    1 thru 5 of 16 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4    

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