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    Laws - View Law: INCORRIGIBLE

    Incorrigibility means the breaking of rules or laws that usually don’t apply to adults, behaving in a manner that that could endanger self or others, and refusing to obey the reasonable orders or directions of parents and guardians. Incorrigible actions include missing school, running away, and using tobacco and alcohol. (ARS 8-201). There are several possible outcomes for incorrigibility. These include being put on probation, having driving privileges suspended, paying fines for damages (sometimes called restitution) (ARS 8-323)

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    On 10/08/08
    Jeff from MI said:
    My son is 14 years old and has ran from home 4 times to date. He claims he doesn't know why. He is disrespectful toward me and others. I adopted him 3 years ago and am now dealing with the baggage along with the normal teen stuff. I called the prosecuters office after filing 3 police reports. They are going to petition the court so that he can be put on probation. Words do not work for him..he needs more consequences than what I can give. He is a difficult child yet very bright. He is getting counseling but it's not working because he won't counsel.
    On 08/18/08
    tiff from CA said:
    Hi I have a daughter that wants to do whatever she wants and when she is told what to do she refuses to obey. She constantly runs away, she is very angry, she is violent and disrespectful. She broke into my house and had a party stoled whatever she wanted and lies about it. She is a missing person at this moment, the police said to go to court and prove she is an incorrigible minor, how do I go about this? and what is the procedure? I really don't know what to do I feel my life is in danger!
    On 04/22/08
    Sam from AZ said:
    I read all the issues that all u kids are having. My advice to U is,instead of worring about what the laws can or can't do for u. Think about what u actions now will DO to u in the future. If u drop out, u will have a hard time finding a decent job. If u get become pregnant or get someone pregnant, thats a life responsibity. Not even ur parents can tie u up like a child. Not to mention,this child will make u see what u are putting ur parents through. Parenthood is awesomewhen ur ready!Know that God loves U,cant go wrong by doing good in school and having a positive attitude,w/this u can go far
    On 03/12/08
    E A from CA said:
    I was abused as a kid and i know have a baby.
    On 03/05/08
    np from CA said:

    i was abused as a child now im in a group home stuck with the anger isuses that come from being physically and sexually abused.

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