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Question: If I have a driving permit, how old does the other licensed driver in the car have to be?

Answer: According to Arizona Law, the licensed driver in the vehicle with the permitee must occupy the seat beside the permitee who is driving the vehicle and must hold a class A, B, C, or D driver's license. The law does not specify the required age of the licensed driver, however people must generally be 18 years old to have a class A, B, C, or D driver's license.

A person with a driver's permit may also want to check to see if the car insurance policy on the car and driver specify who the licensed driver can be. Legally, a licensed teen driver could accompany a permitee, but the insurance policy covering the vehicle may require the parent or legal guardian of the permitee to be in the car while the person with the permit is driving.

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On 06/19/08
Ashlei from FL said:
I have a question. If i have my restricted license in one state (my permit) and i am going to visit another state.. will i be able to drive in that state with my permit or no?
On 03/18/08
michae from GA said:
hey i was wondering im in georgia so do you get your permit in you 14-15 year or your 15-16 year
On 08/03/07
craig from GA said:
i was wondering, if you have a permit in the state of georgia are you allowed to drive after midnight
On 08/02/07
name from PA said:
How meny months be4 ur bday can u get ur license? i thought it wuz 1 month but idk.
On 07/19/07
Nate from FL said:
In the state of Florida the Licesed driver must be atleast 21 years of age.
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