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Question: What if I don't buy alcohol myself?

Answer: A person who is under the legal drinking age and who solicits another person to purchase, sell, give, serve or furnish spirituous liquor contrary to law is guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor.

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On 02/20/09
Desie from AZ said:
If you dont buy alcohol yourself you still can get in trouble if you are under the legal drinking age because you have to be 21. you shouldnt be drinking alcohol because it ruins your life and your family. it shouldnt be bought if your longer if someone else buys it then they should face the consequences
On 06/23/08
Steve from AZ said:
I think drinks should be allowed at 15 here, and kids should be taught how to drink: WITH FOOD!! If you have a glass of wine with a steak, you have basically canceled out the alcohol in your system. Also, drinking later in the day, and before using the bathroom are easy ways to offset the alcohol.
On 01/29/08
Kiari from FL said:
Well While in law studies today we were going on a law tha takes place i believe in the state of minnisota that no one under the drinking age is allowed to drink acholic beverages but is allowed to drink if it is under 3.2% it makes no sense to me while this law could be passed but you have to be 21 to drink.
On 10/16/07
Jack from AZ said:
We tried this back in the 70's with the Vietnam era. It was repealed dut to increase in drinking deaths...IT did'nt work then either...
On 06/29/07
from AZ said:
the legal drinking age in several countries such as germany is 15. I think 18 would be quite reasonable for the U.S.
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