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Question: I was drinking during the day the other day and my friend, who was a sober driver, got pulled over. The cop asked for IDs but I didn't have mine because I was at a pool party all day. He gave me a Minor in Consumption ticket because he smelled alcohol on me and I told him I was not 21. What is the typical fine for a minor in consumption in Arizona and are there diversion programs you can take?


Justice Courts can impose fines as well as community service hours, even misdemeanor probation. The amount of fines varies from county to county. Typically, there is a fine of about $125.00 on a first offense. Diversion is available in some counties, at the discretion of the prosecutor.

In the Juvenile Court, a drinking charge can be sent to diversion by a probation officer. Or the probation officer can ask the prosecutor to file a petition. If found guilty, you could face time in detention, probation, alcohol counseling, community services, possibly placement into a drug treatment program or the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections if your case is seen as serious enough to warrant that. On a second finding of guilt for this offense, your driver's license would be suspended until you are 18.

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On 09/10/05
Dan from MN said:
I just got a minor when I was 17, i turned 18 about a week after the charge... i got a notice in the mail that i was either A. Send a check for 120 dollars and have my license suspended for 30 days Or B. Go to court... That is messed up... How does getting a minor have anything to do with my drivers license? I go to college too and it's about an hour and a half... 30 days without my license? I am not going to be able to go to school...
On 05/25/05
sarah from MN said:
i think it is really a bunch of bull how there is "laws" about who can drink what...yea i agree that about the drinking AND driving part but if u are at a place where everything is pretty low key and no harm is takin place and driving home isn't considered or have a sober driver.. then i think it should be fine to drink at WHATEVER age.....im going to be tried for minor consumption soon for the second time and i turn 18 in dec and will be fairly TICKED off if my licease is revoked until then for some petty misdameanor made up by this country!
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