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Question: Can I be arrested for not going to school?


It is against the law for anyone between the ages of six and sixteen to not attend school. However, there are some exceptions through excused absences, home school, etc. Even if you miss just one class period without an excuse, you are considered truant.

If you miss school a lot (5 days, unexcused) you are considered to be habitually truant (A.R.S. § 15-803). An attendance officer can enforce this law. The officer can give you a ticket requiring you and a parent to appear before an official of the court. (A.R.S. § 15-805) If you are habitually truant you could be put on probation, have your driver's license taken away, or have to attend counseling or educational classes. (A.R.S. § 8-323)

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On 02/19/09
Kyle from AZ said:
I dont think kids should be arrested for dithcing school. If students are ditching, there is usually a reason behind it. Kids may be loosing interest in school or may be being picked on. They should be helped not punished.
On 12/30/08
Tasha from CA said:
I ditched 344 times (they count each period) during my sophomore year. They ended up kicking me out of the school and making me go to an alternative school (aka community school) I'm still there, but now im graduating with a high school diploma a year early. If I could say anything to anyone thats currently ditching, look for other options first. like other schools, or find something to do while in school. listen to your ipod all day. all you have to do is show up and sit in a class and it will make your life about 75% easier. trust me. no pain, no gain.
On 10/20/08
Jimmy from VA said:
hi i have been arrested for truancys multiple times i have been put on house arrest have a 9 pm curfew by law have lost my permit until im 18 years of age have been sent to counsleing for 3 year have been sent to a mental health institution and now they are taking me away from my parents and putting me in a homeless sheltar now... Im finished with my whole school year with my classes and i still have to go to school and sit and stare at a wall for 7 hours prison is more exciting..... long story short this issue needs to be reviewed because it has ruined my life.
On 09/02/08
cc from AZ said:
Does it count if your sick and your parents call it in will you be considered truent
On 08/21/08
z from TX said:
i now people who dont go to school. they learn naturally by them self. My aunt nows someone who has never gone to school her whole life and still got into college.
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