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Question: I am only working about 4-6 hrs a day and my employer is demanding that I take a 30 min break while on my shift is this legal.


In Arizona there are no laws or regulations covering breaks and lunch hours either for adults or children of a certain age. There are federal labor laws that cover breaks and meal times. Generally, if an employer does give breaks, then the break must be at least 30 minutes for the employer to be able to deduct the time from an employee's pay.

See LawForKids.org answer 18375 for more information on breaks at work.

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On 09/03/07
Paul from AZ said:
well at my job they give a 10 minute break for how ever long I work but i still get paid for that and if I work more then six and half hour then I get a lunch that is 30 minutes long. But you should talk to your employer and ask them why??
On 05/15/06
valexander from AL said:
i work at shoney's in alabama as a server. i work 8- 10 hours a day without a lunch break. people who smokes are allowed to get a cigarette break. i think this is unfair. please explain to me is this situation legal? what can i do?
On 01/24/06
Karl from Othr said:
i come from New Zealand..over here if you work for 3hrs you are intitled to a 10 minute paid break..if you work more that 5hrs you are intitled to a 30 minute unpaid break...i feel the employer is doing the right thing by asking you to have a break as he/she does not want you to get tired while working in which can put you or other ppl in danger
On 01/20/06
moosh from CT said:
you can waive your right to a fifteen minute break but not a meal break once you've worked over 5 1/2 hrs.
On 01/09/06
will from NH said:
you should be able to waive your break, look into company policy regarding that.
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