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If I'm pregnant am I emancipated or can my parents still make decisions for me. What about my unborn child/baby? Who makes decisions for the child?


Even though you are a minor, you still have the right to make decisions for your child.

Solely being pregnant without meeting the other requirements in the statute will not constitute being emancipated. You must meet the rest of the requirements in the statute. See Emancipation under the Laws section of this website.

There are many other requirements and rules involved in the emancipation process. You can Contact the Arizona Children's Law Center at 602-258-3434 x 2660 for more information after you have exhausted the resources on the lawforkids.org website.

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On 03/19/09
denise from AZ said:
im pregnant and i dont live with either parents anymore. i havent lived with my dad cause he abuses me. but once i told my mom she said she will not support me whether i get an abortion or not. i know that she cant do that since it is against the law, but i choose to not go back. i want to know if being with access and living off the system counts as providing for myself?
On 10/28/08
Mandi from AZ said:
I live in Yuma az and i want to get emancipated. I am also a mommy. I need to know if i am able to be on government help(welfare) such as ahcccs and food stamps to show that that is a way of providing for myself. my son is on wic and ahcccs as well. And also is moving in with a friend and paying rent proving that i can provide myself a place to live?
On 06/12/08
from AL said:
truthfully i think that everyone of you with the exception of the first comment is giving her really bad advice. she does need to listen to her parents advise! i mean she obviosly has never had a child before. unless the parents have other interets than their child and grand child's best inerests than there not listening to her parents and just doing her own thing is not smart at all!
On 09/14/07
Jess from Othr said:
Lean on your parents for support but dont let them pressurize you. This baby is your creation NOT theirs.
On 07/20/07
JAB from CO said:
Let the kid make the decision. No one knows what's best for you but you. No one knows what's best for me more than eleven year old me. Get the picture?
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