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Question: What are my rights and obligations if I am emancipated?

Answer: If the judge grants your petition for emancipation you will be treated as an adult for the following purposes:

  • the right to enter into a binding contract
  • the ability to sue and be sued
  • the right to buy and sell real estate
  • the right to live independently
  • the legal duty to pay child support if you have a child
  • the ability to apply for loans and create your own debt
  • the right to consent to medical, dental and mental health care for yourself and your child and obtain your records
  • the right to further your education
  • the right to obtain social services
  • the right to operate certain equipment and perform certain services

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On 07/15/08
Beth from TN said:
if i got emancipated, could i live with my boyfriend and his mom if ther were helping me with school and work purposes?
On 07/01/07
desire from PA said:
if you get emancipated are you considered an adult?
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