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Question: What is emancipation?

Answer: Emancipation means that you are legally free from your parents or legal guardian. Once emancipated you have many of the same rights and obligations as an adult.

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On 03/08/09
from AL said:
to brea, if you can get evidence of this i'm sure you can get away from her. the problem is...you'll probably be taken in to another foster home. unless you can prove you can support yourself on your own (having a place to stay, possibly a job, or family that can take you in)
On 03/08/09
from AL said:
chelsea, sorry if i spelled your name wrong but the chances of you achieving your goal is very slim... if you actually take this to court, the judge will probably not grant it because there is no serious reason for you to be removed, plus you'll be 18 in 6 months so he/she will probably say you can just wait
On 07/21/08
kate from AS said:
hey i live in australia and i want to leave home im 16
On 08/11/07
Liuba from FL said:
I live with my mom and grandma and they dont understand my problems so i want to move out when im 16, wich is in 2 years, but im making plans for the future. i want to go live with my boyfriend. can i get emancipated?
On 11/11/06
s from MN said:
To Melody from AZ, first off I am a mother and I have a daughter and 2 step sons. First off don't give up on school you are so young, second look for resources in your community. You sound so desperate and I was once your age and made many bad choices do to the environment that I was living in and always felt the need to run. Please look for resources in your community. Maybe there is an alternative learning center in your county or a community counseling center. You have options but stay in school, trust me, I do know. Thanks and search out your future is important!!!
1 thru 5 of 12 comments

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