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Question: What do I have to show the judge if I want to be emancipated?

Answer: At the hearing it is your responsibility to convince the judge that it is in your best interests to be emancipated. The court will consider the following:

  • your wishes and your parents’ opinion regarding emancipation
  • your financial situation and whether you are independent from your parents – proof of employment or other means of support, including housing and health care
  • your education and success at school
  • whether you have a criminal record
  • whether you understand the risks of emancipation

You must also show that you have either been living on your own for three consecutive months, or why living at home is not a healthy or safe environment, or provide written consent for emancipation from your parents or guardian.

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On 10/09/06
D gurl from GA said:
i want to get emancipated because my parents are verbally abusive to me and my mom is physically abusive. what do i do? she tries to argue with me and say that she will fight it because i only want to get out to live with my boyfriend but that is not the only reason now she is threatening statutory rape on him and he is 18 and i am 15. but the first time we had sex he was 17 and i was 15. so what do i do???? help!!!!
On 08/25/06
s from AZ said:
im 16 living with my mom and shes got a drug abbuse problem she gets high off of pills akll the time i cant take it any more ive got a baby on the way and i dont know what i can do to get away from her legally. help please
On 08/13/06
Monica from GA said:
Im living with my mom. it is hard to explain in word but . when she is not at work she is on line and home I try talkin to her and she just doesn't answer me. I know someone where I can live and stuff like that... I need to leave A.s.p
On 08/13/06
samantha from FL said:
well... im 15 and ill be 16 soon, and i want to move in with my boyfriend,who has a house, and GOOD job and i know he can support me, his mom and dad said it was ok and that they would take me to court to get emancipated, but my mom says i cant move out! how can i still be able to move out
On 06/23/06
Kellye from WA said:
My friend needs to be emancipated from his father greatly, for a life and death issue. His father does not listen to him and can't see how much pain his son is in. My friends mother is a no show who hates him along with her family and his dad's family has nothing but problems and have never really been a part of his life so he has no where to go, but he's afraid to try and get emancipated because he thinks it will take to long. I need advice on how to help him.
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