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Question: What do I have to show the judge if I want to be emancipated?

Answer: At the hearing it is your responsibility to convince the judge that it is in your best interests to be emancipated. The court will consider the following:

  • your wishes and your parents’ opinion regarding emancipation
  • your financial situation and whether you are independent from your parents – proof of employment or other means of support, including housing and health care
  • your education and success at school
  • whether you have a criminal record
  • whether you understand the risks of emancipation

You must also show that you have either been living on your own for three consecutive months, or why living at home is not a healthy or safe environment, or provide written consent for emancipation from your parents or guardian.

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On 05/21/06
Hayley from WI said:
I was taken out of my mothers care when I was 12. Then I moved in with my maternal grandmother, and it didn't work out for me there either. I currently live in a foster home and I would like to become emancipated. I heard it is a hard process but I am going to try. You should too!
On 05/08/06
Alyssa from IN said:
I feel like my dad mom n my step-mom hate me.. im ALWAYS getting yelled at for the dumbest things..my parents think im perfect when really im not My dad and mom hit me..once i came home from a friends house a couple minutes late and my dad punched me i sometimes just want to run away for just go die i dont know what to do!
On 04/03/06
Linda from PA said:
What do I have to do to get emancipated? Who can help me? All my dad is threaten to beat the crud out of me and my mom does not say anything about it she just lets it happen. My mom calls me a slut and they always have to have afit because i need personals i have ran away because of this i get treated like i am in jail i would really like to get emancipated.
On 03/29/06
Monica from VA said:
I am so tired of my mother calling me a whore and slut because i am having sex with my bf who is 21. I personaly think that that is bad that i have to put up with that. What do i have to do to get emancipated?
On 03/22/06
Matthew from CA said:
Well im 14 turning 15 in july and everyday i get yelled at by my parents i cant go any where so we are always arguing.My mom always hits me my dad calls me stupid and i do everything; i even do my parents work i want to leave but i dont know where to go and dont know where to go get EMANSIPATED and i really have no life and my mom wont let me get a job or go off to a educational school or go live with my sister. Help Please!!!!!!!!!
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