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Question: What do I have to show the judge if I want to be emancipated?

Answer: At the hearing it is your responsibility to convince the judge that it is in your best interests to be emancipated. The court will consider the following:

  • your wishes and your parents’ opinion regarding emancipation
  • your financial situation and whether you are independent from your parents – proof of employment or other means of support, including housing and health care
  • your education and success at school
  • whether you have a criminal record
  • whether you understand the risks of emancipation

You must also show that you have either been living on your own for three consecutive months, or why living at home is not a healthy or safe environment, or provide written consent for emancipation from your parents or guardian.

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On 03/21/06
Kathleen from LA said:
Having a baby, does that automatically emancipate you?
On 03/20/06
Teresa from GA said:
I'm tired of living at home. My dad makes rude comments about me being a girl and I'm tired of all the verbal abuse. I don't know what to do. I want to be emancipated but I don't know how to go about doing this. PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!
On 03/19/06
Jessica from VA said:
I live with my step father and he wont let me be myself. Hes mad at me because my boyfriend is a black boy and he "doesn't believe in interracial rlationships." I do, however, believe in them and it hurts me that he wont let me do anything because he dont want him and I meeting somewhere. I see this boy in school all the time and hes amazing and he wont accept it. He doesnt talk to me anymore and told me if I wanted to see him I must be an adult and pay for everything I have. I would much rather be emancipated and live with a friend then have to deal with this. Would the judge allow this ?
On 03/17/06
Noreena from CA said:
I am not in an abusive situation. but every once in a while my mom threatens to hit me. In fact a few monthes ago me and my mom got into it and i had hard scratches and scars on my face and neck, we went to counceling but it only helped for a short time. Now we constantly get into arguments and I really can't take it. She says all the time that she just doesn't care anymore but when i bring up emancipation she always says she wont agree to it. what can I do about this? And will this situation hold up in court?
On 03/04/06
Kimberly from GA said:
i have everything down execpt for how old do i have to be when i decide to become emancipated in the state of Georgia?
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