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Question: What do I have to show the judge if I want to be emancipated?

Answer: At the hearing it is your responsibility to convince the judge that it is in your best interests to be emancipated. The court will consider the following:

  • your wishes and your parents’ opinion regarding emancipation
  • your financial situation and whether you are independent from your parents – proof of employment or other means of support, including housing and health care
  • your education and success at school
  • whether you have a criminal record
  • whether you understand the risks of emancipation

You must also show that you have either been living on your own for three consecutive months, or why living at home is not a healthy or safe environment, or provide written consent for emancipation from your parents or guardian.

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On 03/01/06
setzersb from VA said:
ok i am 14 years of age my parents know my b/f is 17 but dont think we are doing anything but we had and i am plannign on havign akid and want ot get emancipated but they wont sign and i want to ive my life with him get married and raise his kid how could i get emanciapted?
On 02/17/06
Jessica from CA said:
i live at home with my mom and step dad, i am tired of my step dad, he threatens me, makes rude remarks to me about my weight and everything, and i cannot handle him. i need to move out, what do i need to do help me please...
On 02/09/06
Amanda from MI said:
For most of my life i think i have been emotionally abused. Ive been having a hard time living at home and want to get emancipated but i dont no if its possible. My mom is an alchoholic and she has multiple personaility disorder. My car is broken down and i dont have a job but if i were to get my car fixed and get a job do i have a chance at getting emancipated?
On 02/09/06
Alisha from WA said:
So well ever since I was 7 years old I have been in Foster care. I will soon be turning 17 and want to know if there is any possible way of getting out of the system now instead of having to wait until I turn 18, if you could plaese try and help me i would appreciate it
On 01/23/06
Brittany from VA said:
Okay so for the past few months everything has been pretty hard at home. My dad and I fight alot over little things and its killing me inside. I want to get a job but my dad wont alow it I dont understand. I've only lived with my dad for a year and a half so its still pretty new but at the same time its not getting any better! I really want to get emancipated so i can be on my own and finance myself! Would this hold up in court?
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