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Question: How does my emancipation affect my parents?

Answer: Once you are emancipated your parents no longer have to support you or provide for your medical care. They have no claim to your income and they cannot be held legally responsible for your actions.

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On 11/11/08
taylor from NE said:
ok well i have been trying to get emancupated and i was wondering on the legal age an dif i did what do i need for it
On 11/09/05
laila from AZ said:
okay i have a big question..... in order to get emancipated you have to have health insurance, well i have tried getting it and in order to get it have to be emancipated first? how and where can i get it? help please because no one will
On 09/08/05
Heather Renea from WV said:
How can ur parents be emancupated?....i dont understand that,if they're over 18,why should they get emancupated?..
On 08/24/05
Anonoumous from MN said:
What if its just your parents that are emaciapated?
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