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Question: Is it considered rape if you are passed out and someone has sex with you when you dont know?


Yes. You have to consent to sex, and if you are passed out you don't have the ability to say "yes".

See LawForKids.org Question# 579 to read about the penalties for being found guilty of sexual assault.

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On 05/01/09
swwosh from MI said:
Ladies do not put yourself in the situation where this can happen. It is rape, but do not trust anyone but yourself!!!!
On 07/24/08
VRM from TN said:
Wake up you guys. I have a lot of guy friends and I have seen SO MANY of them... I've seen probably 100 different guys get so drunk, in my short 24 years, that they have passed out! This happens ALL THE TIME. But if a girl gets so drunk she passes out, it is her fault she got raped? That is the biggest bunch of twisted logic I have ever heard. I don't look at my guy friends who have passed out and go, "well i guess i can go jump on top of them and have fun with their body since they chose to drink and they are passed out now." everyone has had too much at some point. Doesnt make RAPE ok.
On 07/24/08
franky from NJ said:
I am 21 years old my girl is 14. She is pregnant and we decided to move in together. My parents and her parents agreed. by coinsidence detectives appear in my home. They questioned everybody and they found out about us. they arrested me and know i don't know what's going to happen. But nobody press charges. What you think about my case. Im i going to be in deep trouble. One more thing we love each other.
On 04/16/08
Amanda from ME said:
I am very sorry that this happened to you, but i firmly believe that both people are to blame here. If you are consuming alcohol and succumb to innebriation, you are putting yourself at risk for a multitude of things, in your case rape. When young people drink, they need to realize that there are a lot of sick and twisted people out there, and giving in to alcohol and drugs puts you in situations you would definitely not be in if you were not under the influence.
On 12/28/07
d from NY said:
there was a gang rape case where a woman passed out and t5 men raped her. 4 of them went to jail for 25 years i think the other one got off with a fine for plea bargaining with the prosecutor
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