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Question: Can a lender have different rules for making loans to women, men, or minorities?

Answer: No. The Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) ensures that everyone has an equal chance to obtain credit. This doesn't mean that everyone who applies for credit will get it. Factors such as income, expenses, debt, and credit history are considerations. It does mean that a creditor may not discourage you from applying because of your sex, marital status, age, race, national origin, or because you receive public assistance.

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On 02/10/08
Phil from AZ said:
As a former Branch Manager of a Mortgage Broker I can tell you that the loan officer was telling you that your income could not be found - not that you had not found a house. If you income was from anything other than a W-2 reporting job you need to prove your income or come up with 20-30% down.
On 09/30/07
Naomi from CA said:
I will say one thing about this, people discriminate against women and income all the time. I have been told numerous times to bring my husband back with me. Even when I had income and one loan officer told me that I couldn't buy any property with my income because it wasn't to be found. I responded that she should qualify me and I would find what I wanted to buy. They just want an easy loan to write. As for suing for discrimination you have to know how to access legal representation and this takes alot of time and persistance and the right willing lawyer.
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