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Question: What is a dangerous drug?

Answer: Dangerous drugs are too numerous to mention here. However, the statute gives a laundry list of drugs that are classified as dangerous, including methamphetamines, barbiturates, and certain steroids (ARS ยง13-3401).

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On 02/23/08
kevin from MO said:
barbituates are basically acohol in pill form
On 06/10/07
Strom from SC said:
Good point, Matthew. I'm very disappointed that this website, which is supposed to answer important questions such as this one and teach kids to do the right thing, has downplayed the severity of this question. What about alcohol and tobacco? Those are both perfectly legal (if someone is of age), but they are still drugs and they have been scientifically proven to be extremely dangerous, especially if abused. Looks to me like Matthew is the one who should be answering these questions.
On 12/01/05
Matthew from LA said:
Why weren't any legal drugs mentioned in the answer
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