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Question: What is community property?


In Arizona, all property acquired by either husband or wife during the marriage is the community property of the husband and wife, including wages. Community property is the equal property of both spouses. Although this is a community property state, there is still separate property, which includes:

• Property owned by one spouse prior to the marriage. This remains that spouse’s separate property unless commingled with community assets.
• Property obtained by one spouse during a marriage, by way of a gift or inheritance that is “ear-marked” for that spouse.
• A judgment for a spouse’s personal injuries would also be separate property (ARS §25-211 and §25-213).

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On 01/31/08
Chrisi from NJ said:
I'm married. Me and my husband brought a house but it's under his uncle's name.our credit is not good. tha't why we used his uncle.what can I do if something happen to collect some money. plus we have a little girl together.
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