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Question: what are the consequences of not attending jury duty?

Answer: It is unlawful to ignore the summon to appear. If someone believes they can not serve as a juror they must notify the court and request a postponement or otherwise be excused from duty by the court. Failure to respond to the court summons may be seen as contempt of court, the person may be compelled to appear and a fine not exceeding $500 may be imposed for nonattendance. ARS 21-334.



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On 05/12/09
Seth from CT said:
I just missed Jury Duty today on account that I had probation at the same time. I wonder if they will go easy on me since I was in such a pickle.
On 08/13/08
Hannah from PA said:
ewww going to court..honestly who has the time and who wants too?? isn't all that stuff up to the judge anyway??
On 12/13/07
Sarah from AZ said:
ah! sweetheart u need to go to court! its the law bby.. =/
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