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Question: Are brass knuckles legal in Arizona?


Arizona has laws regulating the use and possession of deadly weapons defined as 'anything designed for lethal use' (ARS 13-105). Although a Court would ultimately decide on whether brass knuckles meet this definition, you would have a hard time trying to explain that your brass knuckles were for something other than smashing in someone's face.

If you carry a weapon without a permit as allowed under (ARS 13-3112) you are breaking the law.  Minors are prohibited from carrying concealed weapons.

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On 08/04/08
Greg from AZ said:
I am 14 and live in Peoria, AZ and there are liquer stores all over that will sell brass knuckles (although they aren't brass they are stainless steel) to anyone, including minors because they consider them "belt buckles" or "heavy duty paper weights." i own 2 pairs that i bought from the store and i told them i was under 18 and they said "Its not a weapon, its a paper weight."
On 12/01/07
mo from AZ said:
i got brass knuckle belt buckles and they can be used as brass knuckles but im not that stupid. could they be considered as brass knuckles?
On 10/17/07
Dan from AZ said:
Brass (metal) knuckles are NOT illegal to buy or possess in AZ. They ARE considered a "deadly weapon", so the same rules for carrying a gun apply. That is the problem: The only way you can legally open carry any deadly weapon is a "belt holster" or "in a scabbard or case designed for carrying weapons". I've never seen a holster for knucks. Knucks in a pistol rug would technically satisfy the law. Note that Phoenix prohibits SELLING knuckles within city limits.
On 09/08/07
Tony from AZ said:
I have been a cutlery dealer for 28 years. 14 years in Arizona. One may sell "Brass" knuckles but the moment a customer purchases them they have committed a misdemeanor. If they then conceal it they have committed a felony. Also, the type of material from which they are made has no bearing on the lethality of the item. Even plastic "Knucks" are illegal to possess. But here is where it gets odd. An adult can own and carry Trench Knives in AZ. Trench Knives are basically Brass Knuckles with a "skull buster" on one end and a blade on the other. Some AZ weapons laws make no sense at all.
On 08/09/07
Matt from CA said:
I was in Arizona a few months ago camping. There was a swap meet across the way and someone was advertising them as a belt buckle but they were real
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