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Question: Can you get a DUI while riding a bicycle?


Arizona Law (A.R.S. § 28-812) specifically addresses this question. It is titled "Applicability of traffic laws to bicycle riders" and says that a person riding a bike on a road or road shoulder is granted all of the rights and is subject to all of the duties applicable to drivers of a vehicle.


That means that if a person on a bicycle violates any law which pertains to cars and traffic on a public roadway, they could not only be pulled over, they could be cited (given a ticket) and be punished (be fined, have their driver's license suspended, or even be arrested) under the traffic laws, just like a driver of a car could be.

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On 03/03/09
vik from TX said:
All thought this law sucks I can also see it being good for your own safety. Just like you can get arrested for drunk in public...like why not and i mean just cause your a pretty hardcore drinker does'nt mean 4 or 5 beers wont hit you! Believe me!
On 02/21/09
JoJo from NJ said:
I agree, the DUI laws are all about money & revenge today, there is no rhyme or reason to the draconian DUI laws. I think it is criminal the way these laws changed from one extreme to another in the past 10-15 years when we the public were not looking!! Shame, shame, shame!!! On a bike now too, r u kidding me??? :-(
On 01/29/09
Jim from AZ said:
Dui enforcement is no longer about safety. Its about how much money the state can bring in. In Arizona, first offense generates about $4,500. If you are jailed, they charge you for that too. It's become a booming business.
On 03/17/08
Scott from CA said:
There should be personal BAC levels! Not everyone is buzzed after a couple drinks
On 11/28/07
David from FL said:
ya'h but i'm on a bicical and i ride on the side of the road is that eligle?
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