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Question: I was cited for underage drinking, but after doing community service, paying a fine, and taking a class, the charges were dismissed. Even though the citation was dismissed, I am still losing my lisence. Is this possible? and WHY?


Your question is very specific to your situation and is a little confusing. You paid some penalties including community service, paying a fine and taking a class. Losing your driver's license would be another penalty. You may want to consult an attorney to see exactly what happened to the citation in your case.

You can also see the answer to question #496 for information on penalties for underage drinking.

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On 02/19/09
Scott from AZ said:
i think after doing community service hours and paying that fine and taking a class you shouldnt lose your license. and the charges were dropped anyways.
On 05/01/08
JT from TN said:
If you were drinking and stuff then even after you did all the stuff that you were supposed to then maybe if you feel like you didnt learn your lesson then you do need to lose them.DONT DRINK ITS BAD FOR YOU
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