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Question: What is the penalty for growing marijuana in arizona? I am growing two small plants without the intent to sell?

Answer: Growing marijuana is a crime because the United States and Arizona both prohibit (do not allow) marijuana to be possessed, except in very rare cases where marijuana is prescribed by a doctor for a very limited medicinal purpose when someone is very ill.
The penalty for possession depends upon a number of factors which can be found in A.R.S. § 13-3405.

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On 10/30/08
Joe from AZ said:
Alcohol is a LEGAL drug, the question of most used drug is referring to the most 'illegally' used drug. If you include Alcohol, you would have to use medicines too, I'm sure that there are many legal, over-the-counter drugs out there that are used more than Alcohol.
On 09/12/08
Allen from CA said:
Alchohal is the number one drug used in america
On 09/03/08
Gisele from Othr said:
Yes you can compare alcohol and drugs because when i was in school i got told alcohol is a drug
On 06/23/08
Matt from AZ said:
Weed is not nearly as bad for you as people say. Its not that addictive, it kills fewer brain cells per ounce than getting slapped in the face does, and it doesnt carry the toxins that alcohol and tobacco have. They should ban tobacco, and allow marijuana.
On 06/06/08
Matt from AZ said:
Haha, I love it when people are brainwashed by the gov't. Marijuana isnt as bad as alcohol or cigerettes. So why isn't it legal? Simple, Not enough people have yet stood up and said they want it legal. Also even more funny is that otc perscription medications are most the time worse for you than marijuana is as well. Anyone who thinks very badly about Marijuana has been brainwashed by there parents early on or the gov't. either way it's pretty funny.
6 thru 10 of 21 comments

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