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Question: How much does it cost to attend college?


Information about college costs, scholorships and planning for your education is usually available in the guidance counseling or career planning department in most schools. You can also try using one of the many search engines available over the internet for state and private university websites.

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On 09/23/07
Ryan from MI said:
It depends on if you got a Community College or a State college or University, and if its out of state. Rough average for a University is $7,000 a year, plus books ($1200 a year) plus food ($600 a year) plus housing ($6000 a year) if you live on campus. I went to school for 5 years year round, I received two degrees and it cost me about $25,000. I did not live on campus however.
On 09/07/07
james from AZ said:
to go to g.c.c. it is about $3,000 a year
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