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Question: Can I obtain a marriage liscence if I am a minor, without consent of my parents? And if I am female, could I marry another female?

Answer: The answer to your question about getting married without parental consent can be found under lawforkids.org question # 133. Regarding your second question: Arizona does not grant licenses of marriage between two people of the same sex.

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On 01/23/09
mizik from AZ said:
ok i no longer like az. well i still i just... why does it seem everywhere i turn gays are being prosecuted! i don't think i'm gay but if i was i would try my hardest to let it shine! that's right people! let the gays shine.
On 09/13/08
CJLW from MO said:
All I can say is this: if same sex relationships were intended by nature to occur, and were not just a fluke or the result of social conditioning (in both animals and humans), same sex couples would be able to reproduce. In some creatures its possible, but the creatures for whom same sex reproduction was not BY NATURE intended it is IMPOSSIBLE. If a species cant reproduce with a same sex union then to partake in one is detrimental to the survival of the species and therefore wrong. Morals put aside this is what nature shows. Can humans reproduce in same sex unions? No. Its against nature=WRONG
On 12/13/07
ashley from AZ said:
gay pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love rainbows too!!!!!!!!!
On 08/17/07
libby from AZ said:
Dear TX, you are wrong in saying that humans are the only mammals that mate with the same sex. dolphins, seals, and some types of whales also choose to mate, sometimes for life, with a member of the same gender. whether or not you think it is morally correct it is a fact of life. now in answer to your question, first of all dear you are to young to be thinking about marriage. you are 16 years old. you dont need marriage to solidify your relationship. at 18 you can get married without parent permission. untill then enjoy being a kid.
On 08/15/07
zeb from AZ said:
ok it dosent matter i belive in god marriage should be between a man and a woman that is wat marrage is always been but a domestic partnership is ok because that is a partnership(same thing as marrage but witha diff name)sothere but about the other i dont thinks so.
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