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Question: Can I obtain a marriage liscence if I am a minor, without consent of my parents? And if I am female, could I marry another female?

Answer: The answer to your question about getting married without parental consent can be found under lawforkids.org question # 133. Regarding your second question: Arizona does not grant licenses of marriage between two people of the same sex.

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On 07/27/07
from AZ said:

I'm not even going to argue whether or not same-sex marriage is immoral with you. However, what God supposedly wants has no place in lawmaking. There is a seperation between church and state. Also, do you actually think that by preaching anti-same sex propaganda, you are going to convince anyone that it's wrong? Telling a gay person it's bad isn't going to change anything, now is it?

On 07/23/07
Yasmin from TX said:
Grow up. God is real, but no matter what anybody believes, love is LOVE. Sex shouldn't matter.
On 06/25/07
Unreal from Othr said:

God doesn't exist. Same sex relationships are allowed. Marrage shouldn't be prohibited. Pathetic.

On 06/19/07
from TX said:
You are too young to get married. It is against nature for a woman to marry another woman. We are the only mammals on earth trying to get with the same sex. Not Natural and totally against what God wants.
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