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Question: Is getting emancipated hard? I know not anyone can get emancipated but what if you do everything the court asks of you and you have good reasons but they deny your emancipation? is there anything you can do to try again? what if your parents reject your wishes to being emancipated? If you do receive the ability to become emancipated, could you life with another family member, IE: cousins?


Emancipation is a difficult process.  You have to demonstrate your ability to live independently.  The court will, after weighing all the factors, make a determination if emancipation is in your best interests.  The court's decision is final.  You may petition the court again if your circumstances change - if you have more evidence of being independent, for example.  Your parents may object, and the court will take their objection into consideration when they are weighing all the factors in your case.  If you become emancipated, you have demonstrated to the court that you have the ability to live independently and you would have almost all the rights of an adult - including the ability to choose where you live.

The laws can be found at A.R.S. §§ 12-2451 through 12-2456. You can read a summary of the law and the process on this site under Laws - Emancipation.  The answers to questions #22604 and #22658 may also be helpful to you.  Please let us know if you have more questions.

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On 11/14/08
lissa from KS said:
i really eed to get emancipated but i know for sure that my mother is going to object to it . but wat if i have evidence per say , a recording of my mother sayin its not a big deal that he molested you? would i have a bigger chance of getting emancipated
On 11/29/07
Ayla from OH said:
well, what if you really do need to be emancipated but the court wont let you but you get tired of all the fighting and people telling you that they hate you..
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