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I just got married with my mothers approval,Because I am only 16. Since I am a minor is my husband my guardian now or is it still my mother?


First, as you mentioned, since you are under 18, you must have had the consent of your parent or guardian who has cutody of you in order to get married. See A.R.S. § 25-102. If you were under 16 you would have also needed the approval of a Superior Court Judge to get married. There must be a license and a ceremony for the wedding.

If you are legally married, under Arizona law, you are considered an emancipated minor. See question # 21353 about emancipation and marriage. As an emancipated minor, neither your mother or your husband is your legal guardian. To learn about the emancipation law and how it effects you, take a look at emancipation in our laws section of the website.

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On 05/29/08
Chris from CO said:
If your husband is 18 years or older...he is now legally your guardian.
On 04/22/08
sherry from FL said:
hey dat girl is really notsmart cuz i learned dah hard way dat u dont wanna ge tmarried till u a legal aldult cuz i got married at dah age of fourteen and it waz really hard for me cuz i still ha dto go to sxchool an dmy husband wa zonly fiveteen :p
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