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I am 16 I have my drivers license but I wrecked my car so I dont have a vehicle anymore. Our family insurance agent says it is the law that I still pay for insurance because I am a licensed driver living in the household even though neither of my parents would ever let me drive their cars. My parents have been forced to add me to their policy even though I will not ever be allowed to drive any of their cars. Why should I have to pay for insurance if I can't drive any cars until I can afford one of my own? Is our agent telling the truth about this


It is true that if you are a driver, you are required to have auto insurance.  Even though you are not permitted to drive your parents’ cars, the insurance industry looks at it differently.  They view you as a potential driver in the household, therefore you need to be covered regardless of whether your parents let you drive.  Also, if you were to get into a wreck again in one of your parents’ vehicles, the insurance company could be responsible even if your were not insured.  At the very least, even if the insurance company were not responsible for injuries or damage to property of another person, your parents would be responsible for you and may have to pay for any expenses/injuries, etc.  Although you do not intend on driving, if there were an emergency situation where you had to drive and you were involved in an accident, your parents may end up paying a substantial amount of money to the other driver.

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On 10/01/08
fireno from WV said:
in an emergency dont even think about insurance, just get in the car and drive. Of course it helps to have it, but in no way shape or form does it prevent you from driving an injured person to a hospital if you dont have it.
On 09/18/08
Libby from AZ said:
You must have insurance coverage if you are to drive any car. If drive a friends car, rent a car, or so much as park your parents vehicle & are not covered by insurance then you risk being arrested or getting tickets and HUGE fines. Having continuous insurance coverage and no tickets or accidents in a few years will make insurance cheaper when you are able to replace your car. If your parents Specifically Excluded you from their insurance you would have to get your own policy to be covered on any car or be able to drive in an emergency.
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