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Question: What high school classes should you take to become a lawyer?

Answer: Unlike medical school, there are no prerequisites that need to be taken before attending law school. However, there are a number of classes that would be beneficial.

Law school involves a tremendous amount of reading, writing, critical thinking, and analysis. As such, I would take as many critical thinking courses as possible while you are still in high school. Generally, these courses are in the Humanities (English, history, etc.). Try to take Advanced Placement and/or honors courses in these subjects to develop your reading comprehension, writing, and analytical skills.

If your high school offers a philosophy course, I highly recommend that you take it. I also recommend taking a foreign language in high school and in college...Latin would be beneficial for both the SATs and for law school terminology.

Other than those suggestions, take courses that interest you, but also make sure to have a well-rounded curriculum, balancing mathematics, sciences, the Humanities, foreign languages, and electives. In addition, it would be helpful to balance your school-based work with extracurricular activities from a variety of areas. Some of the best learning experiences occur outside the classroom. Many high schools offer mock trial programs, which are a good introduction to the practice of law.

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On 03/06/09
tyra from FL said:
hi i just thank you for having this web site for young kids who are already knowing what they want to do in life and to me that is becoming a lawyer . i have dreamed about coming a lawyer since i was little . And now that inkow what requirements that i need to take that will develop my skills more into becoming a great lawyer at an young age . Like i'm getting my brian ready and getting more knowledge . So that when i do get into my major it wont be so hard because i am getting information , books , and classes while i am in highschool . For me to be successful in becoming an honset , lawyer .
On 02/28/09
Sierra from FL said:
thanks this information does help me a lot. now i knw tht i need to be more entitled in reading, and try as hard as i can to get into an AP reading class. thanks for these awesome tips!
On 01/22/09
Anonym from Othr said:
Hi there , im from New Zealand & am only young but i have wanted to do law for quite a while now & have been interested in becoming a laawyer but im not to sure that the high school im going to next year would have some of the topics i may need to take. The language options there are only french maori and japanese. are any of those optians good & can anyone name me some topics that i wold be able to cope & would you recomend me going to varsity ?
On 01/15/09
Ash from TN said:
This ia a good way to learn about what I should take. THANKS!!!
On 12/16/08
aaron from DE said:
thanks for the information on courses that you should take. but i have a couple of questions for you. if you where attending a vocational school and they offered a computer course and a legaladminidstration coruse whatcourse would you pick ou t the two?. But any way thanks for the wonderful informaton you have providied me. thanks you again
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