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Question: What high school classes should you take to become a lawyer?

Answer: Unlike medical school, there are no prerequisites that need to be taken before attending law school. However, there are a number of classes that would be beneficial.

Law school involves a tremendous amount of reading, writing, critical thinking, and analysis. As such, I would take as many critical thinking courses as possible while you are still in high school. Generally, these courses are in the Humanities (English, history, etc.). Try to take Advanced Placement and/or honors courses in these subjects to develop your reading comprehension, writing, and analytical skills.

If your high school offers a philosophy course, I highly recommend that you take it. I also recommend taking a foreign language in high school and in college...Latin would be beneficial for both the SATs and for law school terminology.

Other than those suggestions, take courses that interest you, but also make sure to have a well-rounded curriculum, balancing mathematics, sciences, the Humanities, foreign languages, and electives. In addition, it would be helpful to balance your school-based work with extracurricular activities from a variety of areas. Some of the best learning experiences occur outside the classroom. Many high schools offer mock trial programs, which are a good introduction to the practice of law.

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On 12/10/08
Aniyah from NY said:
this help a little but i am still a little confussed. i think there should b more information. but thank you anyway
On 11/10/08
dejiah from NC said:
thanx dats does help but u can put more info than wat u have up there to help me more cuz i am doin dis on a project but thanks any way
On 11/08/08
amanda from AL said:
so what specific electives would you take. i am really looking forward to high school and studying a lot to have my dream job: becoming a great laywer. i am very happy that you put out this site. i really enjoy english history and different languages so my dad said it was the perfect job. anyway thanks for all your help
On 11/06/08
leggie from IL said:
it helped alot thax
On 11/04/08
charne from Othr said:
well this really helped since all the subjects you mentioned are favourites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 thru 25 of 170 comments

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