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Question: Are there rules or laws concerning grade retention for students who cannot read at a certain reading level?

Answer: Even though essential skills testing is done at different grade levels, the test results are not used to determine if a student should be retained or promoted. In elementary school, the teacher makes the determination for retention or promotion. In high school, the teacher determines if a student should pass or fail a specific class. We contacted the Arizona Department of Education for these answers.

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On 07/09/03
wjs from IN said:
I suport you both. They told my second grader the same thing about math and maturity. We are fighting this tooth and nail. They didn't tell us until March. 2 months is not al lot of time. We told them we did not want him held back but they did so anyway. what arogance.
On 06/10/03
Keisa from CA said:
I am having the same problem with one catch. My 5 year old was skipped into the 1st grade after attending K for 1 month. He reads at a 3rd grade level, and his math skills are right at the 1st grade level. The teacher is trying to retain him in the 1st grade due to his "low math scores" and "lack of maturity". She tells me this 1 week before school is out. I will fight this one all the way. How can a school skip my son just to hold him back again. He just turned 6 and I believe he is ready for the 2nd grade. What are my rights here? If he demonstrates that he has met the CA standards
On 03/22/03
karen from OH said:
My daughter is a six year old first grader who is being called too immature by her teacher.Her teacher wants to retain her even though she is succeeding in other areas.her teacher is complaining that she's too outgoing.We're going to fight this every bit of the way.I don't think a teacher's opinion of a child's personality gives her the right to retain that child.
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