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Question: What's the maximum size of a knife that you can carry to school?

Answer: All public schools have rules that prohibit students from possessing weapons at school. A knife is considered to be a weapon, but some schools have created an exception for a folding knife with a blade length of two and one-half inches or less. Other schools prohibit knives of any length.

The disciplinary consequences of violating a school's weapon policy can be very severe, including mandatory expulsion from school. Therefore, a student who routinely carries a pocket knife should check the student handbook or the district policy on weapons before bringing a knife to school.

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On 02/26/09
Bryce from AZ said:
I think that a pocket knife should not be allowed in school because it creates a hazard for the person and people around him.
On 02/19/09
from FL said:
i just got caught and i have a permanent expulsion and i might have to go to juvie
On 01/02/09
Luke from MO said:
I think we should be able to carry pocket knives to school. The generations before us were able to. It wasn't until my generation went and screwed things up with stupidity. Others proclaim that the knife has no other purpose but to be used as a weapon by us kids! That is because all they recognize are the ones who would be stupid enough to use one like that and not the ones who have some common sense and decency. Why should we be punished for some other kid's mistake?
On 11/19/08
J &L from OK said:
Our school allows us to bring regular folding pocket knives with blades of 4 inches or less, We think that you should be able to carry a pocket knive to school if you feel the need to. We also think that if you wanted to hurt someone, you could do it with a multible of things that are already there, for instance pencils, pens, books, cars, keyboards, scaples from the biology class. we can have razor blade scaples, but we can't have a regular folding pocket knive at school.
On 09/15/08
RJ from AZ said:
I think any one should be able to carry a knife where ever and when ever. I use to carry mine to high school a few years ago. I used it in auto shop, Building trades (construction), P.E., and a few other places it was necessary. It wasn't in my backback because that would be concealed and not right. but it was clipped to my pocket and visible. I never got caught or in trouble for my knife at school. Kids that do harm and use them for wrong reasons are just plain stupid. why can't they fight like a real man or woman and use their fists?!
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