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Question: What is the punishment for selling controlled substances (Tylenol 3) at school?

Answer: Arizona law is tough on crime in drug free school zones. A person who is convicted of selling prescription only drugs in a school zone has violated Arizona law (ARS §13-3411(A)(1)). This is a class 6 felony.

Because the activity took place in a school zone, the law increases the punishment for the crime by adding 1 year to the sentence a Judge imposes. A prison term is also mandatory (which means NO PROBATION). A mandatory fine is also imposed which is, at a minimum, $2,000 plus a court surcharge of 77%.

So, upon conviction of this crime, the Judge could impose a prison sentence for an individual to:

-a minimum of 1.5 years,

-a presumptive of 2 years, or

-a maximum of 3 years.

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On 02/28/06
u duno from Othr said:
heyy.. kk i live in canada.. n if you get caught for smoking weed at school you just get suspended for 10-15 days.. nothign goes on ur criminal record.. if you get caught for suspision then u get suspended for 5 days
On 04/27/05
Melanie Hudson from IL said:
Well, if you're at school, and you get caught for selling, buying or smoking marijuana at school what is the school punishments?
On 03/29/05
Kristen jaudkadasa from AL said:
yO what about in canada? what is the max punichment for canada?
On 03/28/05
g from VA said:
what are the punishments for possesion ,distribution and manufacturing of cocaine in virginia,(beach)
On 04/13/04
Landa from GA said:
What are the penalties and laws in Georgia regarding buying a selling controlled substances, such as marijuana? What is the law regarding the use of marijuana in your state?
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