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Question: What will I get if I steal cigarettes?

Answer: In Arizona, Possession of tobacco by a person under the age of 18 is an incorrigible act and you could face charges in court. There could be various penalties. STEALING is a different story. Theft or shoplifting is a crime and you could be prosecuted for committing this act. You could be ordered to jail or any other options that the judge may decide according to A.R.S. sec 13-1802, 13-1805, 8-341 and 8-201(15)

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On 05/04/09
Bri from NJ said:
to be completly honest with you just reesently i stole some cigs from this lady.now i live on a military base and had an investigator come to my house. i dont know how they found out were i live but they did. the next day i had to talk to him and tell them everything that happened. he said i would have to do some juvenile counseling thing(community service)but they wouldn't know for like a month...they also said they could have put me in jail til im 18 because im now considered a thief. but if i do one more thing to get a run in with the police...im in jail til im 18
On 04/17/08
Austin from MI said:
i got mine from a friend and have been hooked
On 12/31/07
Shaun from MO said:
you would get in a lot of trouble for stealin ciggs. I find it very hard to steal them and once ive had on i cant stop
On 09/07/07
adam from AL said:
I need a fucking cigarette right now.. Im gona steal one from my dad. . mmm he's only got 6 left thow and i hope he dosent notice :)
On 09/03/07
Megan from AZ said:
If you aren't old enough to buy them you shouldn't be smoking. I would said don't even start smoking it's way to hard to quit. Stealing is illegal and the fact that you are stealing something that can harm body is even worse.
1 thru 5 of 38 comments

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