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Question: Is smoking weed (marijuana) legal in some States?

Answer: No. Every State, from Alabama, Colorado, Kentucky to Vermont, including Arizona and every State in between, has enacted various criminal penalties for the possession, use, cultivation, transportation and distribution, of marijuana, including even the smallest of quantities.

Arizona punishes possession of amounts less than two pounds as a class six felony with fines between $750 and $150,000 and jail or prison time from six months to a year and a half.

A few States have decriminalized marijuana use and possession in small amounts (N. Carolina and California for example) but even there, its still illegal.

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On 05/22/09
Al from AL said:
Less people in jails if it's decriminalized. Alcohol is worse and it's o.k. I'll never understand why. Republicans should smoke so they'll see things in a much broader way.
On 05/20/09
from OR said:
In Oregon, you can't sell or buy weed, but it's not illegal to smoke it on your own property.
On 05/15/09
leo from TX said:
Why doesnt obama legalize it We all should be able to smoke weed
On 04/16/09
from WA said:
LEGALIzE IT already
On 04/01/09
john from TX said:
if they tax it sell it n make money of it we might b able to get out of this reccesion
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