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Question: What is the maximum penalty for underage drinking?


Arizona law (A.R.S. § 8-323) provides for the following penalties for a minor who purchases, possesses, or consumes, spirituous liquor:


1. Probation.

2. A juvenile court hearing.

3. Driving privileges suspended for 180 days.

4. Attendance at a counseling or education program.

5. A fine of up to $500.00.

6. Community service work.

7. If truancy is involved, a whole host of programs with parents.

8. With a prior record that indicates delinquency, a whole other host of headaches.

9. A stern talking to by the judge. (Don't laugh, an angry judge is a very scary thing.)


It appears that a judge can impose any combination of these things that she thinks is a good idea. Laws in other states are probably similar. The law about juveniles is never cut and dried.

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On 01/19/09
vicky from MA said:
What kind of punishment if any would i get it im drinking at age 14?
On 01/06/09
nate from WI said:
well heres my take on it... i just got my 2nd underage drinking ticket last night. The first occured when i lived in Minnesota and was placed on probation for 6 months. now that i have another court date as of Feb. 5th i will find out what the penalty for being in violation of my probation and getting a petty theft as well.
On 09/22/08
Ryan from PA said:
its simple...the brain isnt fully developed till your 21...also if your in the army,navy,ect. you can drink at your base ( i am in Navy) and any place you stop (w/in reason) and that way the people who do fight to protect you and get shot for you can unwind and maby get drunk once in a while...for the people who haven't/can't/won't join the military you'll have to suck it up or go do what everyone else does and get someone to buy it for you and deal with getting caught if you are
On 09/19/08
anna from AZ said:
this happened last firday sep.12. well it was 12:12 and I was tipsy a bit and we were on the freeway and my driver loses control of the vehicle and we crashed. No one got seriously hurt but once they found out the driver was drunk they all made us breathe in the breath alizer. I blew a 0.068 and now i have court. What would they do to me? this is the first time ever i got caught by a cop
On 09/09/08
trevor from AZ said:
why should i be able to go to war at 19 years old, but cannot even have an alcoholic drink? the drinking age needs to be changed
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