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Question: Is it legal to carry a small knife in one's pocket? Are switchblade knives illegal in Arizona?

Answer: Arizona Law addresses these questions in ARS chapter 31, section 13. First, Arizona law (ARS 13-3101) defines deadly weapon as anything that is designed for lethal use. Second, ARS 13-3102 states that a person commits misconduct involving weapons if they carry a deadly weapon without a permit, except for a pocket knife concealed on his or her person. So, the answer to the first question is that it is legal to carry a pocket knife concealed on your person.

As to the matter of switchblade knives, there is nothing specifically making switchblade knives illegal in this state. As they are not commonly carried by sportsman or tradespersons, they would probably be considered fighting knives and, therefore, deadly weapons. While not specifically illegal to possess, they may have to be either carried visibly or, if concealed, the possessor must have a concealed weapons permit issued pursuant to ARS 13-3112.

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On 01/22/03
Trent from OK said:
I have been charged with carrying a concealed weapon on school grounds because I had been camping with an adult and we had gone mountain climbing at Red Rock. The adult took off the hunting knife and scabbard which was attached to his leg and placed it in my glove compartment without my knowledge and he forgot it when we got home. I have to write an essay about "what would the punishment be for an adult who was charged with carrying a concealed weapon (in this case a knife)? Can you help?
On 08/08/02
Jim from AZ said:
I am 16 and I like to carry a knife i mostly use it as a tool to cut things ect... but I also carry one for protection, I used to have a standard fold clip-on pocket knife but it was stolen the only kinfe I have left to carry is a butterfly knife it would be nice to know if it were Illeagle to carry it here but I dont know. I also used to have a switchblade that i carried It was clip-on and did not count as a concealed weapon I had one encounter with the police while I was carying it but while he was patting me down he just passed over it as if it wasnt there, i know he felt it but didnt evn r
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