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    Speak Up! - View Question #17589

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    Question: If I got busted with weed what the worse that could happen?


    If you are prosecuted in juvenile court, you can be placed on probation or sent to the Department of Juvenile Corrections up to your 18th birthday, and your driver's license would be suspended until your 18th birthday. It can leave a felony on your record, which may affect your later ability to get scholarships, federal benefits like welfare or public housing assistance, or jobs requiring security clearance. The military also has strict rules about accepting candidates with drug histories. You may be unable to enlist unless the branch you select thinks enough time has passed that you are no longer high risk to abuse substances again.

    If you are prosecuted as an adult, the court must place you on probation and require that you attend substance abuse counseling. It can leave you with a felony record, which has many of the same consequences as those listed above. If you reject probation, you can be required to serve time.

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    On 10/12/05
    London from DC said:
    Can I still get a high level security clearence if drugs were found me, but the case itself was throuwn out. Now I am moving to suppress it/expunge it. The drugs weren't mine. The were placed in my jacket when it was on the floor, but when I put it back on to get out they were there. I did not know. The person who was arrested put them there and when we went to court for it, he admitted it. But I was arrested to and charged with possesion of marijuana, the weight of it though makes it a misdemeanor, but I am concerned about find work in the government. I graduate from college soon.
    On 10/01/05
    from AK said:
    My 16 year old brother was recently arrested at school because they found a shampoo bottle with 10 oz of gun powder in it. He is now being charged with a class 3 felony for 'posessing an illegal substance on school property'. The bomb squad deemed the 'explosive devise' as not a threat to students. How much time is he looking at in jail? At first they were talking about trying him as an adult, but now they aren't.
    On 09/26/05
    dr anonymous from FL said:
    dude my parents caught me with pot so i "quit" and it didnt screw my life up at all. ya i was grounded for a while but thats it. marijuana is gods gift to man. there are cannabis detectors in your brain and all throughtout your body why would god put those there if we werent supposed to put it in our body. if you dont smoke im not trying to diss you, ill respect your opinion. so im hoping you will respect mine. i think if you can be safe about it and be responsible it doesnt hurt anyone. if marijuana is illegal then why dont you make ciggarettes pain killers and alcohol illeagal too.
    On 09/20/05
    Nick from TN said:
    Everybody wants to talk about dieing in this forum. Think about it, there are bad side affects from over doing anything (milk, caffeine, prescription drugs that are prescribed, radian treatment, chemotherapy, alcohol). ANYTHING in quantity will get you BUT THC does what now? If you acquire THC without smoking it, what is the the bad affect then? You will wake up high as a kite. That ain't so bad now is it? Anyways I don't smoke anymore. Just cause I choose not to. I will kill myself with these dam cigarettes that are perfectly legal instead.
    On 09/18/05
    TML from FL said:
    If we didnt have laws against everything than what would the cops do all day there are just not enough dunkin donuts.
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