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    Speak Up! - View Question #18612

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    Question: Is it considered rape if you are passed out and someone has sex with you when you dont know?


    Yes. You have to consent to sex, and if you are passed out you don't have the ability to say "yes".

    See LawForKids.org Question# 579 to read about the penalties for being found guilty of sexual assault.

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    On 08/07/07
    Beth from NY said:
    It happened to me. Pat, you're confused. People choose to drink, but they don't usually choose to pass out. And girls definitely don't choose to have a guy have sex with them when they're unconscious. You're sick and tired of people blaming the man for everything? Well, I'm sick and tired of men raping women and getting away with it, which is usually the case. Your attitude is the same as that old double-standard from the last millennium: When the guy's drunk, he's less at fault; when the girl's drunk, she's more at fault! Hello--it's 2007!
    On 07/18/07
    pat from NJ said:
    just slow down and think about this though it was ur choice to drink that much too not remember if you said yes or no maybe you did maybe you didnt and my quiestion is was the guy drunk because if you were both drunk which was probably the case then you both were manibulated to have sex and its no ones fault i am sick and tired of people blaming the man for everything i understand that the percent is in the girls favor buh still maybe it was all just and accident and it was absolutely no ones fault it was just a drunk mistake and you both made it i say its no ones fault
    On 07/13/07
    StephF from AZ said:
    I know all about this subject it has happened to me and i dont think it is right for anyone to get away with doing that to people.It is cruel and it makes u fell diffrent about your self. I just wanted to tell all of you out there that its not your fault there are a lot of sick people out there and u just need to know that you did nothing wroung.All of you know about what goes around comes around. And they will get what they diserve. And it won't be very nice. And remember nobody diserves that to happen to them.
    On 02/17/07
    jessly from NY said:
    umm.. well it happened to me and the police told me that they couldnt charge the guy b/c there was no way i knew if i said yes or no... that there could of been a chance that i had consented to it, and didnt even realized caz i was drunk and passed out. i'm trying to find that answer myself.
    On 01/06/07
    Madison from CA said:
    even if you are drunk and consent to it (say yes) it is still considered rape because alcohol can minipulate what you want to do....(this happened to me and the guy is going to trial)
    6 thru 10 of 14 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3    

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