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    Speak Up! - View Question #418

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    Question: Are Tattoos and body piercing allowed to be shown? Ok in School?

    Answer: Tattoos and body piercing are considered to be an expression of thought and are protected by the first amendment right to free speech (United States Constitution).

    However, people under 18, because of their age and status as minors, are subject to rules which adults are not.

    This true of school rules and attendance. At school, rules can be made that tattoos, piercing, clothes or hair-color must be covered or changed, and these rules are not unconstitutional.

    Parents also have a right to control the behavior of children, and so can order their children to not display tattoos, piercing, or other things such as hair color.

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    On 05/14/09
    bayli from AR said:
    i think that anyone that has a piericing shouldm't be prosectuted. here at my school no one cares but the mean  old secretaries
    On 03/18/09
    from Othr said:
    Teachers need to open their minds, have you noticed that its only the old ones that make the criticism? The younger teachers tend to be more accepting. From my experience anyway. It IS expression. Nobody tells muslims to take off their head scarfs because that would be racism, which I agree with! but what gives them the right to tell people with piercings that they aren't allowed to express what they want to show? Its discrimination and at the end of the day, personal opinion. Its not their body, why be bothered by it? Hmm.
    On 02/20/09
    tiffan from PA said:
    i think that this is all stupid i just got my nose done and my principal called me down this morning to yell at me for wearing it when all it is a little stud...i think it is stupid and it is freedom of expression so forget that stupid law
    On 12/11/08
    DeP from IN said:
    Alright, i'm 15. I have my opinions just like everyone else has theirs. now, there are limits of what you should be able to do. Some girl/guy shouldn't be able to walk around with a nose ring and lip ring, and me not be able to have a tattoo of a knife on my arm. Just not fair. Now, if they want to ban both. That's absolutely fine with me. i don't like those emo kids who wear nose rings and lip rings. looks retarded, and just, looks like white trash.
    On 12/02/08
    monica from CA said:
    I think they should let kids wear body piercing because it's not that big deal the teachers make about it.
    1 thru 5 of 278 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4   5  ...   

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