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    Speak Up! - View Question #428

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    Question: For truancy can the juvenile court send you to lock-up if I haven't been in any kind of trouble before?

    Answer: Most laws related to behavior give courts a wide range of possible consequences for the offender. The judge can pick between the options, using their judgment as to what will best cause the offender to stop their self-destructive actions and reform their behavior. Even the slightest crimes allow a judge to give fines or jail time. Judges can certainly send someone to lock-up if the judge decides that is the best way to get the offenders attention. Community service, fines, and mandatory educational programs are other possibilities.

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    On 05/05/09
    berry from WI said:
    it dependsx because,they're talkinq abOut lOckinq me up fOr truancy. qOt cOurt tOday at 1:30 &* they said if they dOn't lOck me up,then they're puttinq me On prObatiOn &* if i messx up Once then they're puttinq me in Dt Or juvie. sO it dependsx. milwaukee'sx just wack sO i dOn't knOw abOut there =/
    On 09/11/06
    Tammy from GA said:
    My son has missed over a month in school. He's hanging out with kids who want nothing in life but to get high. I'v tried talking to him,telling him that I care about him and his future, but he doesn't listen.I feel I've done everything I can to help him, but he won't help himself. I've asked him whats going on but he says nothing. I feel that my only chance left is the courts. I love my son but I'm unable to reach him.
    On 03/28/06
    Ryan from MN said:
    I just moved here and the bus comes like an hour earlier then where i used 2 live.. that means I miss it like 80% of the time and have to walk which makes me late. assistant princaple says he's bringing me to court on truency charge because of this. think its wrong cause ive skipped skool twice in my life and im being brought to court because i miss the bus. is this a defense or an excuse? could really use some help on this makes the difference between $2400 and 72 hours of community service and walking into school saying I beat the system
    On 03/06/06
    maria from TX said:
    will i get drug tested for truancy? i go to court this week and i really need to know will i be doing some time?
    On 07/24/05
    JessyLynn from OH said:
    If you are 18 and don't want to be a 21yr old highschool grauate and don't go to school can you still get locked up even if you didn't drop out legially?
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