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    Speak Up! - View Question #455

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    Question: Does the Zero Tolerance policy for weapons at school violate any of our constitutional rights?

    Answer: No. The United States Supreme Court has for years been clear that school administrators have the right to restrict your constitutional rights in order to keep you safe when you are at school. The Court has held on many occasions that because you are in the care of the school during school days, schools can take the steps necessary to maintain safety and order. This means that schools can impose restrictions that would not be necessarily be constitutional when applied to adults in general. Schools have been allowed to restrict First Amendment rights to free speech and press, the Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches; and, of course, the Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Although this may sound strict, all of it is intended to keep you safe when you are in school.

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    On 12/01/08
    Ann from AZ said:
    I think that it is a crappy law. My reason for saying this is that young boys and girls are being abducted, raped, and murdered on a day-to-day basis. We need to learn how to defend ourselves agenst attack. No matter what. What if your teacher rapes his/her student? We need to be able to defend ourselves. Also, the city bus is a dangerous place to go. But some of us (myself included) have no other option than to take the bus. Please fix this problem before it gets out of hand. -Ann from Arizona.
    On 03/08/05
    Lauren from AZ said:
    I don't think kids aught to be allowed to bring deadly weapons to school, but I do think that a student, particularly if she is a girl, should be allowed to carry mace. It's not uncommon to hear about young girls being abducted and raped and/or killed while on the way to school, so I think young girls should be allowed to carry mace to protect themselves. I also think guys should be allowed as well, because again, on the way to school, kids can fall victim to violent crimes of any nature no matter what their gender.
    On 01/18/05
    Ryan from CA said:
    Well it does and it doesn't. If you were to look it up under the Bill of Rights, it says that one has the right to bear arms. But if you were to go look under the law you would not be able to because you may not be a minor and carry certain weapons. In my opinion youngens should not be able to carry or own guns, knifes, or any other weapons that are out on the market. If I were asked I would have to say that no it doesn't, no one one should even want a gun, the kill, and wound severly. No one should ever be aloud to carry a weapon unless qualified. Thanks, -
    On 04/27/04
    Frank from PA said:
    You might not want or like to hear this but it is important to say. As a minor you have no rights in most states. You can't own property, own money, open up a checking account, or even own a cell phone w/out your guardian's consent. The Federal Government interperates guardian to mean a parent or otherwise legally appointed guardian. This means that your parents send you to school and place you in the care of the school for the day, thus, the school acts as your parent even if you are 18. It's like going to a friend's house if the mom doesn't let you bring the knife in to the place.
    On 02/06/04
    Penzie from TN said:
    I agree...The zero tolerance policy has been blown way out of porportion. I say we start searching the school staff and see what happens...WOW...there will be some job openings then..It poses a question...do we as Americans live in a free country...I think NOT...I think that our children's constitutional rights have been violated..Wake up America...before it's too late.
    1 thru 5 of 16 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4    

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