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    Speak Up! - View Question #5

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    Question: Can you get in trouble for being in a car if the driver is drunk but you aren't?

    Answer: Yes, lots, but probably not what you are asking about. First, the driver can crash, causing you bodily harm or death. Second, the driver can be arrested, and you may then be stuck in a strange part of town with no way to get home, perhaps late at night. Third, if the driver is busted under circumstances that seem to indicate that the driver and you were part of some criminal act, attempted or actual, then you can be prosecuted for that.

    Remember, people who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs do dumb things, and if you are with them then you are associated with these things, even if you weren't drinking.

    If there are circumstances in the situation that indicate to the police that you may be delinquent under the law, then all sorts of unpleasant things can happen.

    It is not a crime to be in a car with an intoxicated driver. However, for a minor it can turn into a real hassle, and very quickly.

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    On 03/25/04
    Erica from FL said:
    I was never in a car with a drunk driver but my friend was. She was with her 19-year old bro. and asked if if i wanted to go I said no because I didnt feel like being out that night.Her bro. got caught and tried to get away but crashed.Now her bro. is spending time in prison and so is she.
    On 01/30/04
    Madaya from SD said:
    Why would you ever get in a car with a drunk?! Death is numero uno in the penalty there! Even if you don't get killed, you would still earn total distrust of your parents, most parents would also ground you and you would never be allowed to rely on someone else to take you anywhere again. So just don't do it.
    On 12/07/03
    lindz from Othe said:
    man, what is up with you, since when does your passanger have to be awake, nothing they do involves the driving of the car, so who cares if they're drunk or asleep
    On 11/19/03
    Baby Spice from CO said:
    You have no clue what some people have to go through all the people that ask why you would go in a car with a drunk driver.Perhaps they are your parents are you ganna say no you might say yes but it is alot harder than what it seems like.Or if it was your boyfriend or girlfriend yes its easy to say "no" when a cops asks what you are going to say but it is alot different when it comes to people you love. I say if from experience.
    On 07/21/03
    Jim from IL said:
    i was with a friend and he had alcohol in the car and had had 1 beer. I had had nothing to drink that night. He passed in a no passing zone and got pulled over. The cops then did all the stuff to see if he was drunk and failed. They then told me to get out of the car and asked if i had been drinking and i said no. Then they said breath into this thing, and i chose not too and they said innocent ppl dont refuse to take the test and said they could smell alcohol on me and arrested me. I swear to this day i had nothing to drink that night and just refused the test, the entire time they were t
    1 thru 5 of 9 comments    [ 1 ]  2    

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