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    Speak Up! - View Question #504

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    Question: When is marijuana possession a misdemeanor? What are the consequences?

    Answer: In Arizona, possession of less than two pounds of marijuana is a class 6 felony. The Office of the County Attorney may charge a class 6 felony as a misdemeanor at their discretion. See the Youth Laws Section - 'What kids are being arrested for?'

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    On 12/03/05
    BigBro from CA said:
    All of you misinformed people out there don't smoke pot...most of you live day in and day out the nauseating lifestyle of work,eat,sleep,work. That can't be healthy!. Marijuana is not by any means harmless, but alcohol and tobacco use are proven to be worse. The government has laws set forth to ban pot...and that may be all well and good, but I just wish that the people who don't know about the TRUE effects should back off and let the smokers fight their own fight and the non-users should be more open-minded to use of Pot.
    On 11/10/05
    Wayne Thatsallyouneedtoknow from TX said:
    I had 2 g's and I got a Judicial Referal to my school, no citation.
    On 08/25/05
    ryan from AZ said:
    actually (to the other person from arizona below me), under arizona state law (and dont try to correct me, i can send you a copy of my arrest record) i was charged with a class six felony for possession of under two pounds of marijuana. 15 pounds is ridiculous, if you were arrested in possession of that much marijuana they would probably charge you with possession with intent to distribute (deal) and you would be messed up. as far as the moral implications i do not consume any mind altering substances anymore and never will again. makes you stupid and just causes you to mess up your life.
    On 05/25/05
    KGB from Othr said:
    I so agree with those who tune people bout smoking, im a regular smoker and find nothing wrong with weed or myself. Like most i reckon try it out, if its not for u then it will never be but dont judge those who do they like it and thats that. As for the marajuana for medical purposes, if it helps then brilliant, we are short of many cures!!
    On 11/11/04
    Alex from IA said:
    what's happenin guys? well i would jsut like to put my three cents into this convo. i had a friend one time who liked to smoke it, and he started turning into a bad kid. this is why you should not do it.
    16 thru 20 of 151 comments     1   2   3  [ 4 ]  5  ...   

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