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    Speak Up! - View Question #523

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    Question: Could you get in trouble if you're with someone and they have illegal drugs and you honestly don't know until they get caught?

    Answer: A person can get in trouble for another person's possession of illegal drugs if they knew about it and/or participated in obtaining or transporting it.

    If, for example, you are at the mall with a friend and the friend has marijuana in his pants pocket, and you do not about it, you did not purchase or help him obtain it, you most likely will not be in trouble.

    However, it can still be a big hassle to have to explain the situation to the cops and to your parents. That is why it is important to choose your friends carefully. Those kids who want to use drugs should not be your friends. It just isn't worth the trouble!

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    On 02/07/04
    Chris from Othe said:
    So the solution to this problem is to behave like a spineless coward? The person who owns the marijuana may be a right good guy, but I should apparently cut all ties with him because he might turn out to be a "hassle" because an oppressive government likes to beat down on folks like him. I think it's funny that you think the strength of a friendship is determined by how safe it is for you. I expected this sort of typical drivel from prohibitionists.
    On 09/21/03
    keasha from WI said:
    i don't kids should drink becasue its not good for them so why you drink?
    On 08/21/03
    kiesha from AZ said:
    i think you should choose the friends you like if they want to harm their body thats their problem. And if they try to inflouence you just tell them ``if you want to do that its up to you but i chosse not too``and if you know about it and dont want them to try to inflouence you then dont be their friend dont talk to them and avoid them as much as possiable.If you do get in troble deal with the conciqence. THANKS FOR READING MY COMMENT
    On 10/25/02
    jodi from AZ said:
    i absolutly agree with you.. what kind of friend would you be if, you didnt accept your friends for who they are.. im in the same boat as you. i have friends who drink, smoke,do lines and all the in between,and to tell you the truth,i've been it all:the pill-popper,the pot head, the tweaker,the coke head,the alchoholic, i may not choose to participate in MOST of the activities that my friends do..but just because i still hang out with them gives no body a right to judge me as a tweaker or a pot head or an alchoholic... that line you are who you hang with is absolutely wrong!!!!
    On 10/16/02
    Maria from CA said:
    Well unfortunately there are some people out there who will try to influence you to use simply because they think it is not harmfull. When I was in high school i had a lot of "friends" who were always trying to get me to use. Mostly they wanted me to join them and smoke pot, if there was other stuff around I was also pressured to use. True friends will not do this. If you have a friend who uses and doesn't pressure you to do the same, you should tell them what you think about there use. I wouldn't want someone I care about to use something that kills them. Remember if your friends don't stop y
    6 thru 10 of 11 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3    

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