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    Speak Up! - View Question #533

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    Question: Do juvenile drug offenders get the same sentences/charges as adult drug offenders?

    Answer: No. The Juvenile criminal system is very different from the adult criminal system. For one thing, Juvenile criminals could be sent home from a drug offense with a less severe sentence if a Judge thinks it will benefit the youth. On the other hand, the same exact offense in the adult court system faces mandatory sentencing under Arizona law. This means that a judge is forced to hand down a minimum sentence to an adult that may include jail, prison, probation or a combination of all three.

    However, as a juvenile you face much different penalties for drug offenses than you would as an adult. These penalties range from being fined money to spending time in Adobe (a juvenile correction center specifically for juveniles).

    The severity of the offense and the number of prior drug offenses will determine the punishment given to a Juvenile drug offender.

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    On 01/19/04
    Lee from MT said:
    well i have been charged with possesion of marijuana and all i got was 1/2 year of probation some community service and had to take drug classes and such. it is not as bad as some may think. but i am sure it is much worse for adults.
    On 10/23/03
    Anonymous from OH said:
    I was wondering, what commitment lengths or sentences they give to minors with marijuana. Tell me everything about Juvenile Marijuana Laws, please.
    On 02/25/03
    Lewis from PA said:
    it doesn't matter how old you are now. it matters how old you were during the time of the incident. so, you'll most likely get charged as a minor. which also means you will probably just get put on probation.
    On 07/31/02
    Renee from SC said:
    i personally think that a minor should me charged alot less then an adult is charged. I personally have never used or been arrest with any type of drug.but i think that youthfull offenders should be charged alot less then adults because if a child gets 30 year and its an adult charge how is the child ever going to learn right from wrong if hes in jail for 30 years. i think its rediculous. Its crazy an i think that any law that gives a minor 25-30 year for drug charges should go threw counciling and everything to help them out not put them in jail for that long period of time so all th
    On 02/04/02
    dylan from AZ said:
    Hello I am writing to find out a question. I was 17 on october 4 2001 and on that day i was cought producing 2 plants they were very small i also had paraphanillia on my summons it say a class 5 for the production and a class 6 for the paraphinillia. I was 17 when this happend now im 18 and the papers are just getting here from the coart. Do they charge me as an adult or a minor. im realy scared it took them forever to send me my papers and now im an adult.
    6 thru 10 of 10 comments     1  [ 2 ]   

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